Automotive Shop Tools

automotive shop toolsThe ever increasing number of traffic accidents all across the world indicates clearly that the drivers mishandle the vehicles or they do not follow the traffic rules properly. Flipping through the pages of newspaper, we always find at least few cases of road accidents. People either get badly injured or they die. It all happens due to negligence. Many times accidents occur do to some technical problem. People do not take adequate care of their vehicles which leads to road accidents. People usually neglect their vehicle repair which often leads to road accidents. Vehicles are machine that require timely repair to make sure that all its parts are running smoothly and if there is any problem then it can be eradicated at soon as possible. Servicing of the automobile is very important to avoid any accidents and it enhances the life of the vehicle. There are many people who hesitate to take their vehicle to the auto repair shop because they do not wish to pay hefty amount for its repair. However, repair can be done by the vehicle owner by themselves if they have some knowledge and basic tools in order to do so. But if the repair work is complicated then it should only be done by the auto repair professional. Here are some automotive tools that are used by the auto repair professional.

1. Automotive Lifts: These are also known as hydraulic lifts and are very common tools for auto repair and are been used in repair shops, automobile factories and showrooms. These are a kind of tool that come in a form of platform that is been fixed on a zigzag leg which can be lowered or raised as required. It becomes easier to raise heavy vehicles by using this equipment. Repair of the lower part of the vehicles becomes possible due to automotive lifts. And because of this, the vehicles reach the first and second floor of the showroom. These are of different kinds such as runway lifts, in-ground lifts, motorcycle lifts and drive on lifts.

2. Jack and Jack Stands: It is an important auto repair equipment which every vehicle owner should own. These are important not only for the auto repair shop but also for the vehicle owner. It enables the people to lift up the car for changing tires or some other emergency repairs on the vehicle. It is very important for the vehicle owner to have these in their vehicle every time because it helps to change the flat tires. So if you have gone to some place and you had a flat tire then you can easily replace your tire by using jack and jack stand. The garage owner keeps powerful jack and a strong jack stands with them because it makes possible for the auto repair professional to reach every point underneath the vehicle and they solve the problems easily and more efficiently.

3. Lubrication Equipments: Lubrication equipments are been used to lubricate the parts of the vehicles. There are many kinds of lubrication equipments that are available such as grease guns, oil and grease reels, oil and grease pumps and oil drains. Out of all these lubrication equipments, oil change is the most important because in order to maintain a vehicle, the oil should be changed at least once every 3,000 miles. To have a successful oil change, you should have an Oil Wrench because it takes the oil filter off and it allows the oil to be changed suitably. Without having this, the vehicle owner may be forced to go to the auto repair shop and overpay for the simple oil change.

4. Reels: Reels are available in different sizes and shapes and these are very important part of automotive tools. The different kinds of it are exhaust hose reels, grease reels, air reels and others. Reels keep the hoses and pipes in place and it also extend its life. The reels can be reeled out easily to the required size and it can be stored back.

5. Air Compressors: These are used for doing various works on the automobiles. The air compressors generally give additional pressure to give more power to the tools such as nail guns and wrenches and it is also been used for driving in the screws.

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